About Us

Auto Transport Group was started in 1999 as an idea. An idea, that together through collaboration and synergies, the founding companies could be more than the sum of their parts. Two years later all operations were joined and what emerged, was what is today, Auto Transport Group LLC.

The focus of ATG through the subsequent years has been to move to and grow in areas where we are strong, creating a niche for our operations and employees to thrive in.

Equipment utilization and operational innovation have been our keys to success, allowing us to provide our customers with a level of service that is unique and unparalleled in the industry.

Auto Transport Group is owner-managed and the founding ownership team remains intact to this day. Each owner lends their expertise in specific areas making the entire team stronger and more successful in all that we do.

We admittedly are not the largest carrier in our industry, but we pride ourselves on our customer service, quality of work, employee relations, safety culture, industry knowledge and sustainable operations.

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“The best part about working with the ATG team is that there are no surprises.  They tell you what they can do, and then they do it.  As a logistics manager this has enabled me to more effectively plan for and handle surges in the pipeline.  The management team, from the senior level right down to terminal management are not afraid to get personally involved with moving vehicles in a timely fashion.  There are many auto haul-away companies out there, but few can match the integrity, professionalism and dedication that we have found at ATG”.

Chris Bagdasarian

Manager of Operations; RubiconVLS